Travel Resources

So you want to travel?

Maybe you’re a homeschooling family looking to take extended trips or embark on a worldschool learning journey. Maybe you don’t homeschool, but you are searching for meaningful ways to connect with your kids and with the world. Maybe you want to get the most out of your limited vacation time.

Where do you start? These products provide insight and practical tips into how to design trips based on your family’s desires and values.

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Create a Memorable and Authentic Family Travel Experience

Does the thought of family travel excite you but overwhelm you? Are you dreaming of meaningful travel with your kids, but don’t know where to start? This 8 page PDF will guide you in designing your family’s unique trip. You will be given questions to consider for planning a memorable trip anywhere, along with various resources for finding local experiences and a list of sustainable travel companies.

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Practical Tips for Planning Your Family Trip

Now that you’ve determined your travel goals, there is much to plan! Save yourself hours of internet searching with this 9 page PDF. You’ll get the hard-won tips when thinking about length of trip, destinations and activities. Includes resources for transportation, lodging and packing, along with personal anecdotes.

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“My family would love to make an extended trip internationally but the thought of even where and how to begin was so daunting . . . UNTIL . . . Until I got my hands on [Carrie’s] tips, tricks, and resources. Now I feel like I can do it. I can plan the trip of our dreams using what she has given me, and can budget financially and time-wise too. We CAN make our dream a reality, with Carrie’s help. Dream big, and then make it happen.” 

-Leighton, mother of two, Jacksonville, Florida